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For a person with limited mobility, the bathroom can be a potentially dangerous place. It can mean the difference between remaining independent in their home or living in a facility. Most insurance does not cover any safety equipment for the bathroom – Part B will cover Durable Medical Equipment you’ll use at your home if your doctor decides you need it.

Fortunately, there are action steps you can take to stay independent and safe in your own home.

With guidance from a health care profession, or a family member, there are some affordable options to look at when making your bathroom more accessible.

  • Toilet riser (with or without handles) that reduces the distance you need to lower down to be comfortably seated on your toilet.
  • Toilet safety frame that attaches under the seat and allows stability for sitting and standing from the toilet.
  • Grab bars mounted on the wall to grab up from if needed.
  • Bath equipment such as shower chairs, benches and stools, tub clamps that attached directly to to wall
  • A hand held shower allows you to bathe completely from a seated position safely
  • Electronic lifts for the tub to submerge and get the benefits of warm, soothing water

For more information about our Equipment Loan Program, visit our lending closet or view our list of items accepted.

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