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In July, employees from The Ability Center traveled to Washington D.C. for the 2018 Annual Conference on Independent Living put on by the National Council on Independent Living.

“NCIL provided an opportunity to reinvigorate disability rights advocates from around the country, as the past two years have been a continuous battle. It fed the soul to be surrounded by like-minded people who were equally dedicated to the IL Philosophy and continuing to create change for a more inclusive society.” – Valerie Novack

“NCIL really showed the strength and the passion of the disability community. From the show of love and togetherness that was characterized in the numbers that marched to Capitol Hill to the incredible amount of nationalities and countries that participated in this experience. It was a very humbling experience being around those who really knew and understood the struggles and the victories involved in making a more accessible world for us all.” – Don Smith

“NCIL really drove home the strength and the passion of the disability rights/independent living community. It was an incredible experience to be around so many like-minded people working toward achieving the same goals of creating a more accessible and inclusive world for all.” – Katie Shelley

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