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The Ability Center hosted a graduation event recognizing 2020 and 2021 graduates of service, therapy, and school facility dogs. The “passing of the leash” ceremony marks the end of the two year training period for assistance dogs in training.

• Watch Facebook Live here.

Congrats to the grads!
Service Dogs
Alison Andrews & Star (Plymouth, MI)
Foster: Robin Agen-Blausey

Nick Carnarvon & Fred (Garden City, MI)
Foster: Lisa Broseke

Kim Feehan & Cairo (Stryker, OH)
Fosters: Gianna Alesia (Wildcat Service Dogs), Carla Rygalski

Connie King & Nora (Strongsville, OH)
Foster: Gina Robison

Ashley Mosseri & Hank (West Bloomfield, MI)
Foster: Suzette Biela

Zac Moyer & Sparky (Oak Harbor, OH)
Foster: Susan Zeier

Kathy Speer & Louie (Hartville, OH)
Fosters: Patrice Dankert, Katelyn Smith, Caitlin Hudson (WSD)

Therapy Dogs
Aiden Lynch & Marsh (Grosse Pointe, MI)
Foster: Maygen O’Hern

Koleton McCandless & Towney (Bryan, OH)
Foster: Patrice Dankert

Diane Traurig & Aspen (Huntington Woods, MI)
Foster: Mike Anstadt

Gus Harrison Correctional Facility & Handel (Adrian, MI)
Foster: Tammy Conlan

Lillian Marsh & Homer (Haslet, MI)
Foster: Jane Ridge

Ben Nickell & Mike (St. Mary, OH)
Fosters: Karin Johnstone, Rachel Frye, Ted Davis

Shelby Reardon & Pippa (Toledo, OH)
Fosters: Ron Pitkow, Sally Speelman

School Facility Dogs
Bryan Elementary School & Catcher (Bryan, OH)
Catcher’s Caretaker: Rachel Mann
Fosters: Lorie Clark, Suzanne Reinhart

Stranahan Elementary School & Betty (Sylvania, OH)
Betty’s Caretaker: Brooke Snead
Fosters: Nancy Wood, Karen Bade

Tiffin Middle School & Cooper (Tiffin, OH)
Cooper’s Caretaker: Melissa Mellott
Foster: Melissa Mellott

Whiteford Agricultural School & Derby (Ottawa Lake, MI)
Derby’s Caretaker: Shelly DeVantier
Fosters: Travis & Karen Kenner, Angie McGinnis

2021 Graduates
Service Dogs
Maria Sutter & Glenn (Medina, OH)
Fosters: Leslee Payne, Deb McVicker

Matthew Wesley & Brighton (St. John, IN)
Fosters: Edna Lombardi, Kim Howard

Therapy Dogs
Adeline Huber & Rider (Oregon, OH)
Foster: Tina Calhoun

Katie Raymond & Danno (Canton, OH)
Foster: Robin Agen-Blausey

School Facility Dogs
Fallen Timbers Middle School & Astro (Whitehouse, OH)
Astro’s caretaker: Jenny Minni
Fosters: Liz Thees, Suzanne Reinhart

Mohawk Elementary School & Harry (Sycamore, OH)
Harry’s caretaker: Angie McGinnis
Fosters: Ron Pitkow, Angie McGinnis

South Vienna Elementary School & Willow (South Vienna, OH)
Willow’s caretaker: Laura Hufford
Fosters: Suzette Biela, Alana Sigg

Washington Local School Administration & Granger (Toledo, OH)
Granger’s caretaker: Kadee Anstadt
Fosters: Mary Miller, Karen Bade

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