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Because of your participation in our “I Fill a Seat on the Bus” campaign:

 70 million dollars were allocated
towards regional transportation

 Local testimonials were sent to
nine different local state legislators

Stories were shared at a local public forum
on public transit that attracted over 40 people
and two state legislators

Thank you for being a part of our successful campaign.

Our advocacy efforts will now shift to focus on increasing TARTA service county-wide and switching its funding to a county-wide sales tax.


Public Transportation Project The Ability Center is joining forces with local grassroots organizations to collect video testimonials from individuals who use public transportation in northwest Ohio. This project is aimed to not only continue the momentum on the importance of public transportation, but also to drum up support for policy makers to take notice, then action.

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Fill a Seat

If you do not currently use public transportation in northwest Ohio but have a connection to the service, please also fill out the form. Awareness regarding usage and lack of resources for people with and without disabilities is important. These videos will be collected and used to advocate for more budget funding to be allocated to this service.

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