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Congratulations to Toledo City Council for adopting an update to the City of Toledo ADA Transition Plan for the first time in 22 years. The plan was the result of a full year review of Toledo’s programs, services, activities, and facilities to ensure ADA compliance. Multiple improvements in ADA-related projects and modifications were completed during this time.

As part of that review, the City hired an ADA Coordinator to manage disability access for the city; adopted a notice of rights and grievance procedure; sent out surveys to each city program regarding ADA accessibility; and inspected all facilities for access. The ADA Transition Plan sets out a year period in which all non-compliant programs and facilities will be updated and establishes several on-going programs to ensure city access.

If you have any problems with accessibility in Toledo programs or buildings, contact the ADA Coordinator, Joan Easler at 419-245-1059.

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