Adult woman in wheelchair going through the park

Like most first-year college students, Alison Carter could hardly wait to explore her new campus.

A 2021 recipient of an Ability Center of Toledo scholarship, Alison attends George Washington University, where she majors in international relations. Accustomed to using a wheelchair for her cerebral palsy, Alison had little problem moving about the campus. But learning her way around it involved some trial and error.

As typical of her generation, Alison embraced her phone’s technology. She found the pedestrian version of Google Maps helpful for navigating her new surroundings. And the app’s transit feature lists the wheelchair-accessible bus and train routes around Washington. D.C.

Determined and independently-minded, Alison plans to pursue a career in diplomacy. Her coursework includes a geographical focus on the Middle East and Europe. She’ll soon be navigating the world.

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