Sponsor a Puppy

Be there for every moment and every milestone throughout the two-year training of your sponsored assistance dog that will change the life of someone with a disability.


Types of Dogs

Service Dogs

Service Dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities in living more independently.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs provide support and companionship to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

School Facility Dogs

School Facility Dogs comfort students in counseling settings, help improve student motivation and social skills.

We spend up to $70,000 on each placed dog, which includes training, vet costs, food, and equipment. Every dollar we receive helps us fund these expenses, train more dogs, and create a bigger impact.

Invest in a sponsorship that increases daily independence for someone with a disability, or countless local schoolchildren.

Individual Sponsorship Packages

$5,000 +

  • Touchpoints and updates throughout the two-year training
  • Customized paw print
  • Social media mention
  • Two tickets to Signature Graduation

$25,000 +
Individual sponsored Service or Therapy Dog

  • Naming opportunity for puppy in training
  • MissionExperience: training with the dog and partner
  • Touchpoints and updates throughout the two-year training
  • Social media mention
  • Four tickets to Signature Graduation

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Corporate Sponsorship – School Facility Dog

Starting at $50,000 +
Billable over five years

School facility dogs become part of the fabric of daily school life. Dogs provide comfort for students in counseling settings, improve motivation and social skills, and enhance reading comprehension. Custom corporate packages are tailored to meet the needs of our sponsors. Promotional opportunities include but are not limited to: 

  • Branded dog vests. 
  • Opportunity to speak to students and school administration about your sponsored dog. 
  • Signature Graduation: Presenting sponsor, reserved table, 5+ social mentions, full page ad in the event program, and an opportunity to gift items in graduate swag bags. 
  • Meet and greet with volunteers, trainers, and school leadership. 

Engage with us to design a package that works for you. 

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