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Celebrating 100 years of service

Working to create the nation’s most disability-friendly community

Making independence possible since 1920

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We advocate, educate, partner, and provide services supporting people with disabilities to thrive within their community.

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Designed to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain independence and engage with their communities.

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Uncover how we’ve become the premier disability organization in northwest Ohio.

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Meet the children and adults whose lives have been changed by our programming.

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Disability Friendly

See the work we are doing to create a more welcoming and inclusive community for all.

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What’s Going On

Keep up to date with our events, news, and the latest blog posts

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Attend Events


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Help people achieve their vision for life.

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With your financial support, more people with disabilities can learn valuable life skills and engage in their communities. More ramps will be built to make their homes accessible.

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Roll up your sleeves and give us a hand. You can make a change in someone’s life, whether by helping us build ramps, fostering our assistance dogs, promoting our fundraising events, or getting involved in our other programs.

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