Independent Living

Supporting youth and families, teens, and young adults, on their journey to independence.

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Create Your Own Future

Choose the description that most closely matches your interests and goals.

I am looking for an overview of general life skills, an introduction to recreaction activities that spark my interest, and resources for my parents.


Does this sound like you?

  • I want to hang out with other teens or young adults and explore recreation activities around Toledo
  • It’s important to me that activities the I participate in are fun, reliable and safe
  • I would love to develop new hobbies and skills
  • I would like to make new friends

I’m interested in preparing for life after high school by learning and practicing ways to be more independent (at home and in the community) with a group of my peers.


Does this sound like you?

  • I’d like to learn and practice skills in the community. (going shopping, learning about banking, learning to cook)
  • I want to work on learning one skill or goal at a time
  • It would be good to learn and practice skills in a small group

It's important to me to become more independent by going to school or getting a job, speaking up for myself, and/or learning adulting skills.


Does this sound like you?

  • Investing my time and energy into this program is something I can do
  • Growth and leadership opportunities interest me
  • One day, I would like to live independently and have a career

Teens and Young Adults


  • Individual goals
  • Support and events and clubs
  • Workshops

Independent Living Skills:

  • Employment Readiness
  • Personal Finance / Budgeting
  • Healthy Lifestyle and Relationships
  • Cooking, Meal Prep, and Shopping
  • Leadership and Self-Advocacy
  • Safety at Home, Online and in the Community
  • Transportation

Participants must identify having a disability, be able to participate in a group setting with 6-10 other participants and staff, and have a desire to become independent.

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