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On Friday, September 29, 2023, a groundbreaking ceremony at Lincoln Park marked the beginning of an extraordinary project—the Lincoln Park Inclusive Playground.

The Lincoln Park Inclusive Playground is not just a construction project; it’s a transformative initiative that’s making accessible moments happen for children and families in the community.

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What this project brings:
Physical Access: Our playground is designed for all, with ramps and wide pathways, ensuring children with physical disabilities can join the fun, creating moments of inclusion.

Inclusive Play: Our equipment caters to various needs, from swings for limited mobility to sensory elements, fostering moments where all kids can play and learn together.

Social Inclusion: Inclusive playgrounds encourage children of all abilities to interact and build friendships, promoting understanding and acceptance.

Community Unity: Backed by sponsors and leaders, our project inspires a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, inviting others to join in.

Education: Our playground offers learning opportunities about diversity, inclusion, and kindness.

Family Empowerment: Providing a space for families with disabled children to create lasting memories, fostering a sense of belonging and joy.

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