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Did you know volunteering at local organizations can help you live a longer, healthier life?

Physical Health

Animals offer a significant number of health benefits, including an increased life expectancy of than living without a pet. Animals in the home lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels -preventing risk of heart attack.

Studies demonstrate that dogs in the home can prolong the lifespan of elderly individuals due to increased physical activity and positive emotions. Seniors are more likely to follow a daily schedule, keep active and take their daily preventative medications. As a result, they spend less time in the hospital and doctors’ offices, improving their quality of life.

Mental Benefits

Dogs can increase the amount of social interaction people have daily – walking, parks to play and run or taking the dog to the groomers. All of which provides pet owners the opportunity to interact with people and form friendships and a sense of community.

Through our Assistance Dogs Program, our network of local volunteers support, guide, and mentor each other. Training involves basic obedience, manners, and foundational skills.

Our assistance dogs (like other dogs) provide purpose and meaning to the lives they touch. Increased happiness and decreased depression and loneliness are attributed to caring for an animal in the home.

When you participate in our program, you will not only receive the physical and mental benefits of caring for an animal, but also experience the mission of helping people with disabilities become more independent.

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