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This how-to guide offers tips and additional information to help families and the surrounding communities create more inclusive Halloween celebrations!

Sensory Friendly:

  • Limit sensory triggers such as fog machines, strobe lights and sound effects.
  • Keep in mind that a child may have sensory issues with wearing a costume. Be accepting children not wearing a costume.
  • Be sensitive to children experiencing sensory overload.

Food Sensitivity Friendly:

  • 1 in 13 children have food allergies – traditional candy treats can cause digestive issues. Consider offering non-food treats as an alternative to traditional Halloween candy.
  • Choose to participate in Food Allergy Research and Education’s (FARE) Teal Pumpkin Project to show trick-or-treaters and their family that your house is safe for those with food allergies and sensitivities. Learn more here.

Anxiety Friendly:

  • Save creepy decorations (especially automatically triggered mechanical decorations) and scary special effects for adult parties.
  • Make sure the location where you hand out treats is well-lit (this helps trick-or-treaters with vision challenges too).
  • Keep pets inside. Not only will this help keep your pet safe, it also helps children who struggle with anxiety over animals.
  • Avoid wearing masks or scary costumes while handing out treats.
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