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 Zoo Accessibility Matters: Why an Accessible Zoo is Important for Toledo

Zoos are often educational and entertaining places to visit, and the Toledo Zoo is no exception. The zoo is an enjoyable place to visit for many people, but accessibility issues can make it hard for some visitors. We’ll explore in this article why an accessible zoo is so important as well as some ways that Toledo Zoo has improved its accessibility to make it more welcoming for everyone.

Families and individuals from all walks of life should be able to come together, appreciate nature, and learn about our world.

Accessible public attractions allow individuals to get out of their homes, enjoy themselves with friends and family members, and experience new things – just like everyone else. An accessible zoo is family friendly because it encourages families to visit and explore new places. Families who may not have been able to go on vacation or even go outside due to physical limitations now have more opportunities to do what they love. An accessible zoo is important for Toledo because it promotes equality in both education and recreation. Children with disabilities, as well as those without disabilities, will be able to learn more about animals in a safe, fun environment with their peers and family members.

Did you know the Zoo has recently made these changes? 


TZoo4All is a free to download app where you can learn about the different exhibit areas in the zoo with our social narratives, create your own visual schedule, play a matching game with some of your favorite animals, and check out other useful resources such as our sensory friendly map and insider tips. This app is sensory-friendly to help all guests that come to our zoo, including those with autism and sensory needs, feel welcome and supported before, during and after their visit.

Sensory Bags

Free and given at request. Items include noise canceling headphones, sensory and fidget toys.

Sighted Guide 

A zoo staff member assists you for two hours during your visit to the zoo. 

Ride Accessibility

Railway and carousel are wheelchair friendly.

Many children and families look forward to trips to the zoo. The Ability Center applauds the Zoo for their attention and action to enhance the experience for guests of all abilities. 

Boy petting a guinea pig held by a Zoo volunteer
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