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The community and media gathered on Wednesday, September 28 to witness the unveiling of a mural designed by Chris “Chilly” Rodriguez.

Chilly shares, “Last year I was commissioned to create a really special piece for  The Ability Center 100th year party where I live painted this mural which focused on people with disabilities. Today they graciously donated that piece to the  East Toledo Family Center where it will be viewed and enjoyed daily by children from all walks of life.  I was honored they asked me to be part of the unveiling and to say a few words. These are my favorite types of projects to be apart of, where the art I create goes right to the community to help and inspire others. I’m extremely blessed to walk this path in life!”

Generations of East Toledo youth that pass through the center and create their own art,  will see inclusive images and become familiar with disabilities they were unfamiliar with. A mural is a unique opportunity to tell a community’s story, and we are grateful to community partners writing disability into the East Toledo narrative.

The mural is found at East Toledo Family Center Art Center:
1020 Varland Ave, Toledo, OH 43605

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The Ability Center

5605 Monroe Street
Sylvania, OH 43560